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Roof Vapor Retarders & Barriers

Made from durable and strong, internally reinforced polyethylene laminates, the Griffolyn® System withstands extreme temperatures and is highly resistant to punctures and tears. Griffolyn® Vapor Retarders are available in stock sizes, which are available for immediate shipment. This product can also be manufactured in sizes to meet project requirements up to 200’ × 200’ (61 m × 61 m), greatly reducing in-field seams and the potential for failure.

If building codes require a fire retardant vapor retarder, Reef Industries provides a line of fire rated vapor retarder materials that pass NFPA 701 Large Scale "Standards Methods of Fire Tests for Flame-Retardant Textiles and Films." They have a Class 1 / Class A Flame Spread Rating per UBC-42 and ASTM E-84.

Griffolyn® Roof Vapor Retarders & Barriers

Product Name Short Description Data Sheet / Submittal Info Master Format Guide Specs Data Sheet / submittal Info CAD Details Sweets ARCAT Green Wizard Continuing Education CMD Sweets ProductTAG
Griffolyn® Type-65 Reinforced high density 3 ply. General purpose that meets the strength & permeance requirements of most applications
Griffolyn® Type-85 Reinforced high density 5 ply. Offers greater strength & lower permeance for a higher level of integrity in roofing and under slab applications
Griffolyn® Type-105 Reinforced high density 7 ply. Extra strength and extra low permeance needed to meet additional requirements
Griffolyn® VAPORguard® 3 ply. Combines HDPE/LLDPE & aluminum to provide an extremely low permeance for special applications such as radon protection, cold storage, museums & computer rooms
Griffolyn® Type-55 FR Reinforced 3 ply. General purpose fire retardant vapor retarder
Griffolyn® Type-1200 FR Reinforced 3 ply. Offers Greater strength and lower permeance. Qualifies as a Class 1 building product
Griffolyn® Type-90 FR Reinforced fire retardant 5 ply. Delivers extra strength and extra low permeance for applications with extreme temperature variation
FabTape™ Asphaltic mastic. Creates a durable field seam between multiple vapor retarder sections
Griffolyn® Sealant Tape Pressure sensitive, adhesive backed polyethylene tape
Griffolyn® FR Tape White, fire retardant pressure sensitive tape
Pipe Boots Form fitted boots to seal penetrations and pipes.

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