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Pond Liners

Permalon® cross laminated, alloyed polyethylene pond liners are manufactured to exacting standards and provide superior performance in almost any environment. Managing water resources in demanding environments is often best accomplished with what are generally termed geomembranes or liners. Agricultural, aquaculture, recreational and other markets benefit from the use of hydraulic barriers that prevent water loss. Livestock tanks, brood tanks and raceways or golf course ponds have all been served by Permalon® products.

Permalon® pond liners are available in stock configurations for immediate availability or can be custom fabricated to exact project requirements. A range of weights, thicknesses and the availability of external composite reinforcement enable Permalon® products to handle the most difficult site conditions. Designed to be lightweight and easily handled, Permalon® pond liners are reliable and cost-effective.

Field Installation Guidelines

Polyethylene Pond Liners Benefits

  • Reef's polyethylene pond liners are weather resistant, whether it's light rain or a torrential downpour, these liners are built to last and have a very high tolerance
  • Our polyethylene pond liners are plant and fish safe
  • Our polyethylene pond liners are built to withstand temperatures as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Pond Liners for Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Liners are used in hydroponics and aquaponics systems to contain water and assist in the growth process. When you’re looking for the best liner, several factors come into play to contain water. 

The best liners are plant safe and durable. Our aquaponics and hydroponics liners offer a variety of features and benefits including heat reflector/ UV resistance and more. 

Reef Industries would like to introduce to you the ultimate containment lining materials

Other benefits include:

  • Fish and Plant safe
  • Puncture resistant
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • 100% virgin resin
  • Scrim reinforced for durability

Reef Industries is proud to offer aquaponics and hydroponics pond liners featuring our GriffolynⓇ TX-1600 white and GriffolynⓇ 20 mil reinforced white for gardens and other applications including:

  • Fish pond liners
  • Koi pond liners
  • Garden pond liners
  • Shrimp raceway liners
  • Decontamination pads
  • Secondary containment systems 

Call Reef Industries to find a custom liner to fit your structure.


    L20 Black is a high strength and durable membrane engineered to work in many environments. It is specifically engineered for liner and vapor barrier applications.

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    L30 Black is a high strength and durable liner material engineered to work in many environments. It is specifically engineered for liner applications.

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    Permalon® PLY X-210 is a cross-laminated polyethylene that resists punctures and tears. It is UV stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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    Permalon® PLY X-210 G is not prone to environmental stress-cracking (ESC) so it can endure repeated thermal expansion & contraction cycles.

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Polyethylene Pond Liners Features


  • Alloyed polyethylene resists punctures and tears for a more secure system
  • Lightweight and easy to handle for quick and easy installation
  • UV stabilized for durability during extended exposure to the elements
  • Cold-crack tested to assure continuous performance in extreme temperatures
  • Custom engineered fabrication and sizes up to an acre available to minimize in-field seaming
  • Available in black or white material

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