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Griff Clips®

Reef Industries is widely recognized for our development of Griff Clips®, our unique fastener for use in securing the edge of your Griffolyn® product as a temporary tie-down method. Designed for flexible materials with a thickness of up to 15 mils (.015"), these clips are made of high-quality, long-lasting material, and come in packages of 50 clips, or they can be provided in bulk (2,000 clips).

Plastic Tarp Fasteners

The construction of Griff Clips® was conceived with convenience and strength in mind. The two part clip consists of a wedge shape with an eye on one end, and a second piece which contains a tapered channel. To apply Griff Clips®, just pinch the edge of the material between the wedge-shaped sections and push the eye-shaped piece securely into the channel. Use the eyelet on the end to hold the item in place.

Griff Clips® are so widely applicable that you can always find a use for them. If your project requires a quick, non-adhesive fastener that holds exceedingly well, these clips are a great choice. Contact Reef Industries today and place your order, or inquire about our other fastening and adhesive products. Click here to see our How-To Video


Griff Clips

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