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Polypropylene Griff Rope™

Reef Industries has always made an effort to develop and stock products of the highest quality, and the Griff Rope™ that we supply to our customers holds up to this standard. This particular Griff Rope™ is a 3/16” polypropylene tightly-wound single-braided white cord. It is a general purpose cord for short-term outdoor or longer-term indoor use. This cord can be fabricated in the hemmed edges of a cover (tight), placed in a pocket (loose), or laced through grommets. Griff Rope™ is also available in 100' hanks or 1000' spools.

Polypropylene Rope Applications

Such a high-strength diamond braided rope made out of Polypropylene is perfect for virtually any application requiring rope. Griff Rope™ ties like nylon and works with the Griff Clips®, which Reef also developed. If your project requires something along the lines of Griff Rope™, contact Reef Industries today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you in any way possible toward completing your project.


Poly Rope Applications

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