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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I buy online?

    Reef wants you to see the many options that can be available to you however, no one project is the same. Reef can provide you with products that can be custom designed to meet your product specifications. We want you to have the opportunity to ask questions and get the personal service you just can't get from a website alone. That's why we will provide an experienced sales agent to handle every aspect of your account. Maybe it's old-fashioned but we still believe in the personal touch.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, for your convenience, Reef accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. credit cards

  • Do you custom make items?

    We can work with sketches or your ideas to find a solution for yourbusiness challenges.

  • Do you sell to businesses or individuals?

    Reef Industries will meet the needs of all our clients. We provide products to large corporations, small businesses and individuals.

  • Can you ship overseas?

    Yes, Reef Industries can ship worldwide. Our export department has over 30 years experience.

  • What size product should I order?

    Depending on the size of your project, Reef Industries has a product available to meet your needs. We carry stock sizes. If they don't meet your needs, we will custom fabricate to your project's dimensions.

  • I have a custom cover that needs replacing, but I can't make a drawing of it. What should I do?

    If you cannot make a drawing, Reef Industries will work with you to find a solution. Depending on the application, we can start with a new sketch or we can determine the measurements.

  • I ordered a custom cover 5 years ago that required a drawing, but I lost the drawing. Do you still have a copy?

    Reef Industries keeps copies of drawings for 10 years. If you need a new custom cover, we can work together to reproduce the proper cover.

  • I don't remember what I specifically ordered from Reef Industries. How can I reorder the same item?

    Talk to one of our helpful team members for more information.

  • My cover is 3 years old and the wind tore it. Can it be repaired?

    Reef Industries recommends that in the event a cover tears, it be replaced. There are several products that are available to meet your expectations.

  • What kind of accessories do you have?

    Reef Industries has many accessories available. Visit our Accessories page to find accessories that will meet your requirements.

  • Do you install zippers on partitions?

    Yes, Reef Industries can customize and install zippers to fit your needs.

  • Can I have warning tape printed with my company's name?

    Yes, Reef Industries can print company names on warning tape. If you have a sample of your company logo or artwork, we can use it to meet your needs.

  • I have specifications for an application. What material should I use?

    Our sales staff can assist you in determining which material is optimal for your application.

  • How do I get information about your products?

    You can contact Reef Industries by phone, email or by filling out our online form. Information can be found on our Contact Us page. We want to help you and your business, so contact Reef Industries today.

  • All I have is a sketch of what I need. Is that good enough?

    If you have a sketch, we can work with you to finalize a design that meets your requirements.

  • Do you have fire retardant materials?

    Many of Reef Industries' products are fire retardant. From lightweight to heavy duty products, we can match your requirements to an appropriate material.

  • Are your products reliable outdoors?

    Many of Reef Industries' products are available for outdoor use. Most of the products we carry are designed for outdoor use. Short term or long term, we can match a product to an application.

  • What is a mil?

    A mil is a unit of length equal to one thousandth (10-3) of an inch or .0254 millimeter.

Need more information about a specific product or service? We’ll be happy to answer your questions!