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Anti-Static Covers & Tarps

Anti-Static Covers & Tarps 

Reef Industries, Inc. offers numerous fire retardant materials to meet environmental compliance or safety requirements for critical equipment and work areas. From lightweight to heavy-duty products, Reef Industries can meet your requirements with a fire-retardant cover material specifically tailored to your application.

All of our fire retardant covers are fire-rated and pass NFPA 701 Large Scale "Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films" and most have Class I / Class A Flame Spread rating per UBC-42 and ASTM E-84.

Quality assurance testing is conducted by a certified independent laboratory in order to ensure all fire retardant covers meet the necessary safety requirements and those products are made of the finest quality materials.

If required, covers can be labeled with fire retardant information such as the fire retardant specification and designation. Fire retardant grades are reinforced with a high-strength cord grid to resist tearing. Our fire-resistant tarps and covers are readily available and easily customizable for your application. 

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Telecommunication Equipment Covers

Reef Industries, Inc. manufactures equipment covers designed to protect telecommunication devices against dust, water and other substances typically associated with malfunctions and failures.

Griffolyn® equipment covers, such as our Griffolyn® Type 55ASFR, meet even the most stringent requirements. This product is both anti-static for solid-state equipment applications and fire retardant to meet safety codes around critical equipment and work areas.

As with all the Reef materials, our fire retardant grades are internally reinforced to resist puncture and tear propagation. From lightweight to heavy-duty products, Reef Industries can meet your requirements with a material specifically tailored for your application.

Griffolyn® equipment covers provide durable protection year round and are available in standard sheet configurations or custom fabricated designs.

Fire Retardant Covers Features

Properties to Meet Most Requirements

  • Lightweight grades for shorter-term applications
  • UV-stabilized grades when a long-outdoor life is required
  • Heat shrinkable for special containment requirements
  • Anti-static grade if required for use around electronics and solid-state equipment
  • Colors available for color-coding, designate safety areas, block or reflect light

Ideal for the Following Applications

  • Refueling & Maintenance Outage
  • Power plant outages
  • Vapor retarders
  • Crawl spaces
  • FME covers
  • Outdoor storage and shipping covers
  • Building enclosure and wind breaks
  • Plant dividers and dust partitions
  • Custom bags and tubing

Ideal for the Following Industries

Readily Available to Meet Your Schedule

  • Several stock sizes available for immediate shipment
  • Can be made to meet your exact size requirements
  • Custom fabrication includes reinforced grommets, hook and loop, fasteners, webbing, or a variety of other options

Griffolyn® Type-55asfr Various Uses

  • Serves as a dust partition during building additions and renovation work
  • Used as an emergency cover to have on hand to protect sensitive equipment from water damage during storms and fires
  • Used as a drain tarp to catch water when roof repair is not an option

Readily Available to Meet Your Needs

  • Several stock sizes for immediate shipment
  • Custom covers can be manufactured to meet your exact requirements
  • Custom fabrication includes reinforced grommets, drain bungs with ½" hose connectors, hook and loop or a variety of other options

Product Properties

  • Anti-static for solid-state equipment applications
  • Fire retardant to meet safety codes around critical equipment and work areas
  • Fire retardant and static resistivity specifications are printed on the product for quick identification
  • Tear-resistant to maintain continuous containment
  • Weather proof tarp
  • Lightweight for ease of handling

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