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Wrapping Machine Tape

Industrial Wrapping Machine Tape

As part of our LLDPE industrial tape division, Reef Industries provides puncture-resistant polyethylene rotary wrapping tape ideal to be used in conjunction with industrial rotary wrapping machines. Our industrial wrapping machine tape is ideal as a protective overwrap and provides protection against dirt, grease, abrasion and ultraviolet light for coils, wire, tires, hose, rolled steel, rods, lumber, pipe and more. This material also fire rated and provides a visual indication if the wrapping has been tampered with.

Reef Industries provides rolls of protective overwrap tape in widths ranging from 2" to 48" wide by up to 10,000’ long depending on material grade. Film thickness starts at 2 mils, but materials are available up to 20 mils. Depending on your needs, material grades are available with antistatic, anti-corrosive or fire retardant properties.

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Additional Information

Rotary Wrapping Machine Tape

  • Roll Widths: 3", 5", 10", 20" and more
  • All rolls are wound on a 3" inner diameter core
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Custom printing available

This product does not cling and is non-adhesive, yet has the capability to securely wrap around products and machinery without the fear of the wrapped product shifting during transit. Therefore, the end of the rolls will need to be tucked under a previously wrapped layer or attached with an adhesive to keep the tape from unraveling. A variety of colors are available such as clear, white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue and green.

If your project requires a high strength polyethylene tape for wrapping applications, look no further than Reef Industries’ industrial wrapping machine tape. Contact a representative today and place an order, or inquire further about this and other industrial tapes.

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