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Prairie Dog Barriers

Armorlon® prairie dog barriers help to control the movement of prairie dogs by providing a visual barrier that prairie dogs are hesitant to approach. Reef Industries, Inc. provides a solution to the problem of confining prairie dogs to specific areas with Armorlon® prairie dog barriers. These barriers can provide a humane and passive means of controlling the prairie dogs' movement.

Artificial prairie dog barriers should be installed near property lines, with the intent of establishing a modest "prairie dog-free buffer zone." Select the best location possible by staying near the property line, considering existing topography and the type of native vegetation that will be used to create an aesthetically appealing permanent prairie dog barrier.

Armorlon® prairie dog barriers are an easy and low-cost solution. Armorlon® combines the strength of canvas with the easy-to-handle lightweight properties of plastic that is resistant to tears and punctures.


  • ARMORLON® A-50

    A-50 is a woven UV stabilized HDPE scrim with a polyethylene coating on both sides.

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  • ARMORLON® AT-200

    AT-200 is a PVC coated polyester scrim product. Scrim is 1000 x 1300 denier. The material is weather resistant with a high tensile strength.

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    AT-300 FR is a heavy duty PVC laminated polyester scrim product with taffeta embossed finish. The material is fire retardant and weather resistant with a high tensile strength.

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