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Agricultural Covers & Tarps

Reef Industries manufactures high quality and high-performance polyethylene laminates and composites ideally suited for a vast array of uses in the agricultural industry.

Covers, liners, and traps are essential tools widely used across various industries, including agriculture and aquaculture, for different purposes with numerous benefits. Covers, such as mulches or shade cloths, are protective layers used to shield crops from adverse weather conditions, pests, and excessive sunlight. They also help in conserving moisture and regulating temperature, promoting optimal growth and reducing the need for chemical interventions. Impermeable liners, often made of materials like plastic or rubber, are used to prevent water seepage in ponds, reservoirs, irrigation canals, and aquaculture facilities. They ensure efficient water usage, prevent contamination, and contribute to water conservation. Traps, on the other hand, are devices designed to capture specific organisms or control pest populations without resorting to harmful chemicals. They are commonly used in insect management, particularly in agriculture, and are vital tools in fish farming and fish hatcheries for harvesting, selective breeding, and population control. In both agricultural and aquacultural contexts, these tools promote sustainable practices, improve productivity, and reduce environmental impacts, making them invaluable assets for modern farming and aquaculture operations.

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