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Bulkhead Fittings

As part of our endeavor to stock and supply the highest quality products, Reef Industries is proud to provide our Bulkhead Fittings to our customers. This 3/4" NPT threaded fitting is designed and intended for use in the field to add a drain/fill line to a container. Prior to applying the bulkhead fitting, one should locate where the bulkhead fitting is needed, cut the opening, and then tighten it to the material.

Bulkhead Adapter Applications

A drain/fill hose can be added using a NPT/hose adapter. Alternately, bulkhead fittings can be placed onto a flat panel, suspended below a ceiling to collect water drips or roof leaks, and with the NPT/hose adapter and hose, redirect water to a drain.

Because Reef understands the varying needs of our customers, larger bulkhead fittings can be ordered if required. If your project fits the description of something that requires these fittings, don't hesitate to contact Reef Industries today. We will happily get you the right start on your project.


Bulk Head Fittings

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