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Boiler Covers

Boiler Covers

Boilers are the heart of most industries and often function as the company’s primary energy source, heat, or essential to maintaining product production. Boilers are large closed containers that heat liquids, commonly water, to generate power and provide various heating purposes for industrial use. The main component of boilers are metals such as copper, iron, steel, or brass. Due to its capability of reaching high temperatures, this presents safety hazards when workers come into contact with the boiler, its doors, and the massive amounts of heat radiating from the boiler.

Benefits and Advantages of Boiler Covers

Most medium and large facility broilers have more than one door, allowing access to the inside of the boiler while still maintaining an airtight seal. Boiler doors can reach high surface temperatures in the hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit and generate massive amounts of heat. Boiler covers prevent heat from radiating towards the surrounding areas of the boilers. OSHA considers exposed heated surfaces as a safety hazard that can potentially cause injuries. At Reef Industries, our industrial boiler covers can cover extremely high-temperature equipment that most insulations can't. Reef Industrial boiler covers target specific areas for insulation that reduce fuel consumption and, in turn, reduce costs. No unnecessary heat escapes the multi-layer fabric protecting piping, valves, and other boiler equipment creating a safer working environment.


The multi-layer insulation fabric also functions as an acoustic insulator (sound absorption). The cover is combined with multiple layers of insulation blankets that create an excellent sound muffler. Our boiler covers are designed with your safety in mind and have several advantages, including:

  • Fit for perfection: At Reef Industries, we provide covers that fit your specific boiler doors and covers. In addition, we provide customer boiler cover designs for unique applications.
  • Cost-effective: We produce many insulators tailored by design, thickness, and materials to your specific equipment.  
  • Quality: Our industrial boiler covers are excellently crafted and designed to remain intact under extremely harsh conditions for extended periods. We stand behind our insulation boiler covers with a 5-year guarantee.  

Many components require regular maintenance that is critical to safety, energy, equipment degradation, and waste. We know how failure to inspect and maintain equipment can lead to huge problems such as safety of personnel, leaks, emergency repairs, and OSHA violations. With all that in mind, our industrial boiler covers give the benefits of hard insulation without the difficulties of performing inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Our boiler covers are designed to be removed and reapplied easily by any personnel. Our covers can be put back in place in a matter of minutes to minimize downtime, energy-saving, and maintaining safety.


Boiler covers can be used in various industries from wet to dry applications for residential, industrial, commercial, and recreational. At Reef Industries, we provide years of service to industries such as athletics, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, ships & cargo, outdoor storage, military, oil & gas, mining, and power plants.

Covers You Can Trust

At Reef Industries, we’re here to help clients find the best solutions for every unique or complex project they encounter. For over 60 years, our team of highly trained representatives has specialized knowledge in reusable covers, tarps, liners, and marking tape. Our staff expert-level guidance, customer services satisfaction, cross-disciplinary design experience, and productivity ensure we find the best solution for you. Connect with a representative today and let us help you find solutions for your projects.

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