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Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape

Reef Industries maintains an extensive stock of industrial adhesives, and we find our Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape to be especially handy and remarkable. This product provides some of the strongest vapor retardant adhesive performance on the market. Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape is ideal for, but not limited to, the following applications:

Vapor Retardant Adhesive Tape Applications

If your project calls for a vapor retardant tape that is known for its dependability and long-term effectiveness, the Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape provided by Reef Industries could be the right choice. Contact Reef Industries today to discuss this and our other industrial adhesives for your current and future projects.

Griffolyn Ultra VR Tape

  • Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape

    If your project calls for a vapor retardant tape, the Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape could be the right choice.

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