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Latest News Types of Land Surveying You May Not Know About
Different Types of Land Surveying

Types of Land Surveying
You May Not Know About

Land surveying is a process that outlines the boundaries of land. The reason why land surveying exists is to describe, locate, and map the edges of a parcel of land. This survey might also include improvements made to land and the location of buildings. 

Types of Surveys 

There are different types of land surveys that provide in-depth details of land. Here are a few: 

Drone Survey 

A drone survey refers to the use of a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), to capture aerial data with downward-facing sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras, and LIDAR payloads. During a drone survey with an RGB camera, the ground is photographed several times from different angles, and each image is tagged with coordinates. Ground control is the go-to option for turning drone data into highly accurate, survey-grade models. 

Mortgage Location Survey 

Ordered by a lender or title insurer, a Residential MLS is intended to provide proof that certain improvements are located on the property as described in the legal description. The survey plat must show information discovered from measurements taken at a site, and not necessarily evidenced by public record. 

commercial MLS is a low-cost alternative to an ALTA Survey, although it also sacrifices some accuracy. The commercial mortgage location survey follows the same state standards as a residential mortgage location survey, so the lender must be willing to accept these standards in place of the ALTA standards. 

ALTA Survey 

Typically contracted by the title company, lender, or attorneys representing involved parties for commercial property purchases, refinances or improvements, an ALTA or ALTA/ACSM survey is based on standards put forth jointly by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. By utilizing a universal standard, an ALTA survey provides confidence that results are guaranteed. 

Boundary Survey 

A “Boundary Survey” is used to identify a property’s boundary lines. In this type of survey, the surveyor will set (or recover) the property corners and produce a detailed plat or map. To accomplish this, the surveyor will research the public records and do research in the field, take measurements and perform calculations. This type of survey is necessary for construction and permit purposes. 

Topographic Survey 

A topographic survey includes field measurement and preparation of a plat to establish land elevations. These surveys are typically contracted by a residential or commercial property owner before making improvements to the property such as, but not limited to, additions, landscaping or parking lots. 



Land surveying is an important tool used to determine the characteristics of the land. There are different types of surveys such as boundary surveys and topographic surveys.  


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