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Football Field & Sideline Covers & Tarps

Football Field & Sideline Covers & Tarps

At Reef Industries, we have over 60 years of experience manufacturing high-performance football field covers, rain tarps, and sideline tarps. Your organization can trust our state-of-the-art materials and excellent quality for football field weather protection all year.

Our team works closely with professional sports teams — we created the field cover for the Houston Astros stadium — but we also make water-resistant football field tarps for college football, high school fields, and Little League teams.

We take pride in offering football field covers and tarps that meet the diverse needs of various sports organizations. From large stadiums to local fields, whether you need to cover an entire field or just need a sideline tarp, our covers provide essential protection to maintain the quality and safety of the playing surface.

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The Importance of High-Quality Football Field Covers

Any competition football field needs durable covers, both artificial turf systems and natural grass fields.

  • All-Season Moisture Protection: Open-air NFL, NCAA, and high-school football fields face significant temperature and weather challenges, including heavy rains, snow, ice, and harsh sunlight. Our heavy-duty water-resistant football field covers offer valuable moisture protection and insulation for grass areas, reducing the amount of water that gets onto the field.
  • Player Protection: Covering the grass with water-resistant football field covers keeps your playing field dry and ready for action. Avoiding muddy or slippery surfaces is vital for player safety and helps safeguard schools from injury liability.
  • Long-Term Field Performance: Excess water, mud, and cleat damage can uproot healthy grass. Even artificial turf benefits from rugged moisture protection. Football field covers reduce wear and tear on grass surfaces and underlying support layers.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Rugged football sideline tarps are designed with foot traffic in mind. Our heavy-duty Griffolyn® football turf field covers to protect the grass around team areas with reinforced polyethylene laminates that resist abrasion, punctures, and tears. This reduces the time and expense necessary for turf maintenance or repairs.

All Types of Football Field Tarps

We have a wide range of sizes and configurations for football field protection. Options include:

  • Max-durability football sideline covers
  • Moisture-resistant football field covers with increased breathability
  • Water-resistant football field tarps
  • Football field rain covers
  • Full-field, primary field, and endzone coverage
  • Winter football field protection

We can recommend products that fit your field’s unique characteristics and care needs, including mildew protection or enhanced UV resistance. Some organizations choose specialized materials that create a “greenhouse” effect to encourage healthy grass growth.

Water Resistant Football Field Covers in Conventional and Custom Sizes

The majority of football fields follow identical dimensions, including NFL, NCAA, and high school stadiums:

  • Total size: 360 feet long (120 yards) by 160 feet wide (53 1/3 yards)
  • Playing field: 300 feet long (100 yards)
  • End zones: 30 feet long (10 yards) each
  • Team areas: 150 feet long and at least 12 feet wide

Some Little League football fields are smaller, reducing the playing field to 240 feet (80 yards) by 210 feet (70 yards). The end zones are smaller, too.

As a leading manufacturer of football turf field covers, we can also create custom tarps that meet your specifications exactly. Customize size, thickness, weight, layers, and other characteristics. We can also manufacture baseball and softball field tarps and covers as well as other athletic field covers.

Support and Quality You Can Trust

Reef Industries football field rain covers protect your investment and reputation. Choose the leading football field covers on the market. Contact our team for personalized ordering assistance or to request a quote.

Football Field Covers Features

Product Benefits

  • UV stabilized to remain strong and flexible in extreme temperatures
  • Lightweight for fast and easy installation
  • Low permeability greatly inhibits moisture transmission
  • Cold-crack resistant
  • White covers available to reflect heat but to also allow light transmission
  • Matching patch tape is available to patch covers if they are punctured
  • Heavy-duty sandbags are available upon request
  • All tarps are made in the U.S.A.
  • Weather proof tarp

Custom Capabilities

  • Custom size fungo tarps, bull pen covers, mound and plate covers available
  • Handles and grommets can be added to meet your spacing requirements
Football Field Covers and Tarps

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