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Fumigation Tarps

Armorlon® fumigation tarps are effective containment covers when exterminating by this method. Armorlon® can be custom fabricated to your exact requirements including fitted sizes or a flat heavy-duty tarp fabricated with tie down fixtures such as grommets, D-rings, webbing straps, pipe loops, drawstrings or other features. Our manufactured fumigation tarps are weather and mildew resistant providing excellent protection and secure enclosures for grain, produce, seed, and pest control companies.

For more than 50 years, Reef Industries has been involved in projects of almost every kind. Put that experience to work for your next project.

  • ARMORLON® A-20

    A-20 is a woven UV stabilized HDPE scrim with a polyethylene coating on both sides.

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    Permalon® PLY X-150 is a cross-laminated polyethylene that resists punctures and tears. It is UV stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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    Griffolyn® Pressure Sensitive Tape is available in three colors: Clear, white or black. The tape consists of our Griffolyn® TX-1200 material, pressure sensitive tape and release paper.

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Lonas de fumigación Características


  • Con estabilización UV y resistente a las condiciones climáticas
  • Alta resistencia a roturas en frío
  • Alta resistencia a roturas y perforaciones
  • Liviana, fácil de manejar e instalar
  • Inventario surtido de grosores de material disponibles

Opciones disponibles

  • Disponible en calidades impermeables y resistentes al agua
  • Disponible en calidades ignífugas
  • Diseñado según sus especificaciones

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