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Pressure Sensitive Tape

Reef Industries has always made a concerted effort to maintain an inventory of the highest quality industrial adhesives, and Permalon® Pressure Sensitive Tape (PST) is proof of this mission's ongoing success. We take pride in providing this tape to our customers, as it is made from our Permalon® PLY X-100 material, with the adhesive side based in a 10 mil hot melt adhesive. With this special construction, Permalon®PST is ideal for but not limited to the following applications:

Designed for medium or long-term use, this tape comes to you at 4" in width by 50' in length. This product is not sensitive to higher ambient temperatures or moisture exposure, and because of the high-strength backing, it cannot be torn by hand and must be cut either with a pair of scissors or a utility knife. In the interest of making this tape a top-shelf product, a silicone coated paper release liner prevents the adhesive from bonding to adjacent layers of material on the roll (this liner must be removed prior to use). Additionally, alignment of the tape prior to use is imperative, since the adhesive is aggressive and provides a tight bond. As such, it is not easily removed once it has adhered to the joined substrates.

If you are looking for a pressure sensitive tape with absolute strength, dependability, and longevity, Permalon® PST could be the product to meet your requirements. Use with stock rolls for on-site fabrication. Contact Reef Industries today to speak with us regarding an order, or if you have any questions regarding our industrial adhesive product line.


Permalon Pressure Sensitive Tape

  • Permalon® Pressure Sensitive Tape (PST)

    Permalon® Pressure Sensitive Tape (PST) is an industrial adhesive tape, that is not sensitive to higher ambient temperatures or moisture exposure.

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