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Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape

As a main feature of our industrial adhesive product line, Reef Industries is proud to provide Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape to our customers. This is a double-sided tape consisting of a solid, low-stretch core film coated on both sides with a clear synthetic rubber adhesive. It is ideal for applications where a seal is required between overlapping panels of material, such as the following situations:

Double-Sided Bonding Tape Applications

  • Packaging Applications for Repairs, Doors or Applying Document Pouches
  • Sealing Lapped Sections, Attaching Doors or Repairing Griff-Shrink® Shipping Covers
  • Accessories for Field Use

Reef Industries provides rolls of Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape at 1.50" wide by 300' long. Each roll is equipped with a coated paper release liner. The 10 mil adhesive is transparent, with a slight amber color, and encapsulates a thin film that conveniently retards stretching of the tape during application. It is advisable to apply Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape with the release liner still adhered to the reverse side, and to remove the liner prior to applying the overlapped layer of material.

If your project requires a strong, dependable double-sided tape, look no further than the Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape provided by Reef Industries. Contact a representative today and place an order, or inquire further about this and other industrial adhesives that we offer.


Griffolyn Double-Sided Bonding Tape

  • Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape

    Reef Industries provides rolls of Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape at 1.75" wide by 300' long, each equipped with a coated paper release liner.

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