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Adhesive Sealant Tape

As part of our industrial adhesive product line, Reef Industries takes great pride in carrying Griffolyn® Sealant Tape. This is a heavy-duty tape reinforced with a white Griffolyn® material backing and 15 mil white synthetic adhesive. Griffolyn® Sealant Tape is designed for applications where moisture and a cool environment are present. This tape is ideal for the following applications and more:

Adhesive Sealant Tape Applications

A roll of Griffolyn® Sealant Tape is 4" wide by 50' in length. The tape provides a remarkable bond, even at temperatures below zero. The backing is extremely durable, and so the tape cannot be torn by hand--it must be cut either with a pair of scissors or with a utility knife. Alignment of Griffolyn® Sealant Tape prior to use is essential since the aggressive adhesive provides a tight bond once applied, and by no means is it easily removed once adhered to the joined substrates.

If Griffolyn® Sealant Tape weren't the highest quality sealant tape on the market, Reef Industries wouldn't provide it to our customers. If you need a strong adhesive that acts as a practically impenetrable sealant, Griffolyn® could be the right product for you. Contact Reef Industries today to discuss Griffolyn® Sealant Tape or other products on our industrial adhesive product line.


Sealant Tape

  • Griffolyn® Sealant Tape

    Reef takes pride in carrying Griffolyn® Sealant Tape, a heavy-duty tape reinforced with a white material backing and 15 mil white synthetic adhesive.

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