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Underground Marking & Warning Tape

Terra Tape® is a high quality underground warning tape that can prevent the dangers of digging into buried utility lines of all types. Avoid service interruptions, unnecessary loss of revenue and repair expenses that occur when a buried utility line is damaged. Terra Tape® detectable and non-detectable underground marking tapes are specified the world over to protect against accidental dig-ins and to alert workers of buried pipes and cables.

Terra Tape® is installed directly above the utility and warns those digging to stop. Terra Tape® also identifies the type of buried utility line that is present, such as power or communication utilities.

Available in seven grades, Terra Tape® underground marking tape offers five non-detectable and two detectable grades for your specific application. A wide variety of stock items are available for immediate shipment. Custom sizes and printing are available. Your message, logo and choice of language in up to four (4) ink colors can be manufactured to your specification. Minimum order, plate charges and/or ink charges may apply.

Posted signs rarely prevent dig-ins, so protect your underground utility lines with Terra Tape®. All Terra Tape® underground marking tapes are extrusion laminated and the tape color is 100% pigmented plastic. Grades are available in standard APWA color codes.

Underground Marking & Warning Tape Inventory


  • Custom printing
  • Non-crushable Plastic Cores (Standard on all 6000' rolls)
  • Extra long or short roll lengths
  • End of roll indicators
  • Dispenser reels with handles or individual boxes
  • Multi-colored printing
  • Widths to 48"
  • Lengths to 10,000'

Non-Detectable Underground Warning Tapes (cannot be located with a pipe & cable locator)

  • Extra Stretch™ provides the maximum protection from service interruption dig-ins. When dug up with a backhoe, it will stretch up and out of the ground in one continuous piece alerting the operator to stop digging immediately. Extra Stretch™ underground warning tape is the only product available with the unique combination of high puncture resistance, high tensile strength and high elongation. Extra Stretch™ is ideal for static or vibratory cable plow installations.
  • Extra Stretch II™ is similar to Extra Stretch™, but has a higher tensile strength and elongation with a lower puncture resistance.
  • Standard is a medium gauge product designed to suit your budget and lesser project requirements. Can be used for static cable plow installations.
  • Economy is a light gauge product designed for your budget.
  • Extra Strength is a woven underground warning tape with extremely high tensile strength but with limited elongation. Although it can be plowed with ease, it is not as good a choice as Extra Stretch™ for preventing dig-ins because it lacks Extra Stretch™'s ability to stretch up out of the ground in one piece.

Detectable Underground Warning Tapes (locatable with a pipe & cable locator)

  • Sentry Line Reinforced is the premium detectable tape on the market today. With its superior tensile strength and puncture resistance it can stand up to the most difficult installations without breaking.
  • Sentry Line is similar to Sentry Line Reinforced tape but with lower tensile strength and puncture resistance.

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