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Plastic Film and Reinforced
Polyethylene Laminate Manufacturer

With almost 60 years of experience in manufacturing and fabricating flexible plastic laminates, Reef Industries has the expertise in helping customers tackle the challenges they face when needing solutions to safeguard and prolong the service life of their investments. From protecting equipment during outdoor storage to ensuring buried utilities are protected from accidental dig-ins, Reef Industries provides customers with dependable and proven high-quality materials for long-term performance.

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Celebrating 55 Years of Excellence

November 2012 marked a wonderful milestone for Reef Industries; our 55th anniversary. An anniversary is a rare opportunity to leverage the history of our organization our accomplishments, identity and underlying successes as it sets the stage for our future. We know that effectively meeting the needs, solving the problems and supporting the efforts of our customers is why they come back. As we look forward to the decades ahead, our goal is to continue to be a reliable and dependabl source of our customers' custom plastic laminate needs.

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