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Plastic Film and Reinforced
Polyethylene Laminate Manufacturer

Reef Industries is a plastic film and laminate manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience. We specialize in custom plastic laminates that help customers tackle the challenges they face when needing solutions to safeguard and prolong the service life of their investments. Our products range from covers that protect equipment during outdoor storage to underground marking tape that ensures buried utilities are protected from accidental dig-ins, Reef Industries provides customers with dependable and proven high-quality materials for long-term performance.

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More Than 60 Years in Business

Reef Industries, Inc. has been in business for over 60 years! Founded in November 1957 by the late William D. Cameron, Reef Industries, Inc. was built on the foundation of being a reliable source of custom plastic laminate needs for our customers. Over the years, new technologies and innovations produced a variety of manufacturing techniques ultimately developing a wide range of products and material grades. With the introduction of these new product lines, the corporate identity of Reef Industries, Inc. was adopted in 1976. There is no time more fitting than now to thank our valued customers for their loyalty and support.
Our growth and success is entirely dependent upon you, the customer. Tomorrow will no doubt offer new and more demanding challenges and today Reef Industries is prepared to continue offering valuable products that will protect and prolong the service life of our customers’ investments.

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