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Latest News This Is The Best Way To Preserve Your Baseball Field
This Is The Best Way To Preserve Your Baseball Field

This Is The Best Way
To Preserve Your Baseball Field

Baseball is a beloved sport. Established in 1845 in the United States, baseball is now played in more than 15 countries worldwide. 

This diamond, the field shape that distinguishes baseball from many other sports, is at the heart of the game of baseball.  The diamond has become easily recognizable, although two sports share the same field shape: softball and slow-pitch. 

Baseball fields, which are typically outdoors, need a specific type of protection.  Baseball fields are usually covered in a plastic film that is durable and resists UV rays. Field conditions need to be optimal to give the greatest advantage to teams. 

History of Baseball Fields

In 1845, Alexander Cartwright, Jr. created what is known as the modern-day baseball field. Cartwright is considered the father of baseball and designed the baseball field at the age of 25.

Cartwright was very passionate about the game and founded the Knickerbocker Baseball Club in 1845. He, along with other members of the club, created and adopted the first set of rules for baseball. These rules became the foundation for the game of modern-day baseball. A few of the rules that were established included how to record an out for perspective teams, the shape of the baseball field, and determine where the fair and foul areas would be. 


What Are Baseball Field Covers?

Baseball and softball fields that are well-maintained need protection from the rain, snow, wind, UV ray exposure, and other elements when not in use. Everyday exposure over time can cause costly damage without proper coverage. This is why it is necessary to get tarps and field covers. 

Tarps & field covers are the best products you can buy to protect your fields. Field tarps maintain field health and provide a way to keep the infield and important areas in top playing shape during the season and over the winter months. 



How to Pick the Right Field Cover

The ideal field covers protect the integrity of your athletic field. Baseball field covers are optimal when made using waterproof polyethylene material and have rope-reinforced corners and heavy-duty grommets for strength and durability. 

When choosing covers, you should select a cover that is designed to cover the entire field, cover the infield of the diamond, and be specifically sized to provide protection to the mound and home plate.You should look for covers designed for rapid deployment and are waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, and acid resistant. 

Baseball/softball field covers should be available in several sizes. You can order a cover that is specifically designed for use on a Little League field, a high school field, or a college field. Covers should be available for the pitching mound, the home plate area, and the bases in addition to field covers that cover the entire infield of the baseball diamond. These are lower-cost options to protect the ballfield than a cover for the entire field, and these covers should be deployed very quickly in the event of a fast rain shower.

Additional Uses for Baseball Field Covers

Baseball field covers have many uses. The quality of the plastic allows field covers to be used for various applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Professional and College Sports Teams

Field covers can be used for professional and college sports teams. Major League Baseball teams such as the Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, NY Mets, and St. Louis Cardinals use plastic film covers. 

  • Softball Fields

Softball fields are similar to baseball fields. In order to maintain the integrity of the field, softball fields need to be protected with high-quality plastic film. 

  • Gym floor covers

Gym floors need protection as they are susceptible to scratches and other elements. Although gym floors are not exposed to outdoor elements, they are still exposed to a variety of factors that could damage them quickly. 


Baseball fields need protection. Factors such as sunlight, rain, and other environmental factors can prevent a field from being optimal. Plastic film covers can protect baseball fields from less than ideal conditions. Not only are these covers ideal for covering baseball fields, but they can be used as sports covers, football field tarps, and softball fields. 

The ideal baseball field cover is durable, lightweight, and UV resistant. Choosing the right plastic film cover is extremely beneficial to the game of baseball. 


Griffolyn®is ideal for protecting baseball fields, football fields, and sidelines from adverse weather conditions. This lightweight athletic field cover is a reinforced polyethylene laminate designed to handle rigorous use, resist tears and punctures, and abrasions. When weather events threaten the condition of your athletic field, you need a cover that is quick and easy to install yet tough and reliable year after year. Griffolyn® athletic field covers retain their strength and flexibility in extreme temperatures and are UV stabilized to withstand sun exposure.