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Roll-A-Sign™ Full Bleed Banners

Reef Industries’ Roll-A-Sign™ division prints full bleed banners to eliminate unnecessary white margins usually bordering banner signs with colored backgrounds. By printing graphics beyond the margins, your image is guaranteed to look larger and more attractive. During production, Reef Industries, Inc. can print background colors within 1/4" of the background of the banner material.

When printing background colors, a flexo press does not allow for continuous coverage, this is known as a plate gap. In order to eliminate the plate gap, a separate bump plate can be used to fill the space between banners. Lastly, our production department can trim the remaining margins to remove the white borders located at the top and the bottom of your sign. Signs with a black background often produce a more optimal full bleed result.

When you need to promote your organization and maximize your visibility, versatile Roll-A-Sign™ full bleed plastic banners are an effective and economical means to advertise any company, product or special event.


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