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Vapor Barriers & Retarders

Reef Industries’ Griffolyn® vapor barriers and vapor retarders can prevent water vapor from causing poor insulation performance, structural damage and other moisture-related problems. The main reason for retarding the transmission of water vapor through the building envelope is to prevent water vapor from condensing within the building structure cavities. The Griffolyn® polyethylene vapor retarder system’s low permanence keeps moisture from infiltrating the building envelope.

Understanding Moisture Control & Vapor Barriers

Each year, countless building owners suffer the problems associated with material and systems failures due to moisture. Any company that has faced a shutdown or limited use of their facility due to a wall system, roof assembly or flooring failure can attest to the cost and inconveniences involved. When one side of a roof, wall, or foundation assembly is colder than the other, moisture in the air can condense on the cold surface. If this condensation occurs inside a wall, roof or foundation assembly, that condensation causes problems, including structural corrosion and damage, staining, mold and mildew growth, poor insulation performance, and other moisture-related problems. To protect against condensation Reef Industries manufactures vapor retarder and barrier systems for moisture management.

Polyethylene Vapor Retarders

Reef Industries offers a complete system of polyethylene vapor retarders, seaming tapes, and pipe boots for total moisture infiltration control. There are several levels of permanence to choose from to meet the specific project demands for roofing, wall and under slab applications. Reef Industries also offers crawl space vapor barriers.

Griffolyn® vapor barriers can be manufactured in sizes to meet project requirements up to 200 ft × 200 ft (61 m × 61 m), which will significantly reduce the number of in-field seams and the potential for failure. Reef Industries also has a large inventory of vapor retarder systems in stock for immediate shipment.


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