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Industrial Plastic Film Customization Services

Your project is unique. It needs a solution tailored to your objectives. This is where Reef Industries can help. We bring more than 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and fabrication of a wide range of industrial fabric films and material grades engineered to meet any challenge. From assisting in the design of uniquely configured and fabricated products to one of a kind materials custom built from scratch, Reef Industries’ highly experienced staff can fabricate a product that meets your exact requirements.

We can custom configure a product with nylon zippers, hook and loop fasteners, grommets, D-rings, webbing, pipe loops or many other possibilities. Our experienced staff can work with exact dimensions, sketches and/or ideas to custom design and build a product specifically suited for your needs. If one of our stock sizes does not meet your requirements, we can custom fabricate a product that does.

Custom Film Fabrication

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