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Custom Caution & Barricade Tape

Banner Guard® Custom Caution Tape and barricade tape are an effective method to limit entry to hazardous or restricted areas. Messages are highly visible and ideal for crime scenes, fire scenes, construction sites, industrial locations, roadwork areas, sporting venues as well as any area where crowd control is required. Choose from a large selection of stock imprints such as "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS," "CAUTION CONSTRUCTION AREA" and "ENTRY REQUIRES SPECIAL PERMISSION."

Banner Guard® caution, warning, and danger tapes can also be custom printed with your company name, logo, and phone number or with a customized message in any language. Custom barricade tape printing is available with a minimum order, plus printing plate charges where applicable.

Whether you need crowd control and management indoors or out, we carry a wide selection of material grades ideal for your specific application. Product options, such as dispenser boxes or reels with handles, are available so your organization can easily transport, install and store Banner Guard® barricade tapes.

Printed Barricade Tape Options

Banner Guard® tape is offered in four (4) material grades:

  • Economy: the least expensive solution for short-term use
  • Standard: medium-duty tape for longer use and longer distances
  • Six Ply: heavy-duty, high strength, high puncture resistant tape for long distances, stapling to stakes, etc.
  • Super Strength II: super heavy duty tape with 390 lbs of tensile strength (meets OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926.502)
OSHA Barricade Tape Rules
Red / White Danger Fire preventions & protection equipment
Yellow / Black Caution Marking boundaries & physical hazards
Orange / White Warning Traffic & caution warning
Green / White Safety Location of first aid equipment & safety equipment
Blue / White Information Defective machinery
Black / White Caution Traffic, housekeeping, aisle & stairway markings/boundaries
Magenta / Yellow Radiation Hazards X-ray, alpha, beta, gamma, neutron, & proton radiation

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