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Reef Industries Manufacturing Location

For more than 60 years, Reef Industries has been manufacturing and fabricating reinforced film laminates and composites. Our expertise in producing quality, custom configured final products ensures our customers’ needs are always met in a timely and professional manner. We offer a wide range of products, material grades, additives and fabrication capabilities to meet or exceed your requirements. Impulse, wedge or hot air welding is utilized to optimize the fabrication technique that is best suited to produce your uniquely configured and fabricated product.

Griffolyn®, founded in 1957, is the original division of Reef Industries. However, as new technologies and innovations surfaced over the years, Reef Industries introduced new product lines to meet and exceed market demands. Distributed worldwide, our product portfolio comprises of Griffolyn®, Permalon®, Armorlon®, Terra Tape® and Banner Guard®, each providing the highest of quality for a wide-range of applications.

Reef Industries Corporate Facts

Founded: 1957

Headquarters: 9209 Almeda Genoa Rd. Houston, TX 77075

Manufacturing Facilities: 10020 Mykawa Rd. Houston, Texas 77048 | 1951 Amistad Dr. San Benito, TX 78586

Product Divisions: Griffolyn®, Permalon®, Armorlon®, Terra Tape®, Banner Guard®

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