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Antimicrobial Plastic Film & Covers

Reef Industries, Inc. provides antimicrobial films and reinforced laminates that are engineered to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, mold and algae. Manufactured with an antimicrobial additive, Griffolyn® internally reinforced polyethylene laminates are ideal for healthcare facilities, hospitals, research centers and crawl spaces. The products’ antimicrobial additive inhibits and/or kills bacteria, fungi and mildew where the prevention of microbial growth is critical. Griffolyn® antimicrobial film materials provide unique performance characteristics such as non-migratory, wash resistant, non-toxic and is environmentally safe.

Reef Industries’ line of antimicrobial reinforced laminates are a 3-ply, non-migratory film laminate combining two layers of linear low density polyethylene and a high-strength reinforcement.


    Griffolyn® TX-1600 Antimicrobial is a 3-ply, nonmigratory, blended laminate combining two layers of linear low density polyethylene and a high-strength cord grid. It is specifically engineered to provide high strength and durability in a lightweight material.

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  • Fab Tape™

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  • Griffolyn® Pipe Boots

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  • Griffolyn® Sealant Tape

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  • Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape

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Antimicrobial Covers Features

Griffolyn® Antimicrobial Plastic Film Performance Characteristics

  • Non-migratory
  • Wash resistant
  • Stable in a wide range of environments across a broad temperature range
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Odor controlling
  • Weather proof tarp

Available Colors

  • White

Antimicrobial Product Accessories

  • Fab Tape™
  • Pipe Boots
  • Sealant Tape
  • Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape

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