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Custom Fabrication Capabilities

For more than 50 years, Reef Industries, Inc. has manufactured and fabricated high performance, reinforced polyethylene laminates and composites. Our expertise in producing quality, custom configured final products ensures our customers’ needs are always met in a timely and professional manner.

From uniquely dimensioned cut-flat sheets, cylindrical or conical shapes to irregular three-dimensional shaped covers, Reef Industries, Inc. possesses the fabrication capabilities to produce quality finished goods to meet the expectations of our customers. Every material Reef Industries, Inc. has to offer can be custom fabricated to our customers’ precise dimensions and can be equipped with special features. Whatever our customers need to cover, protect, store, ship, contain, or otherwise manage, Reef Industries, Inc. can help.

A wide array of fixtures and features are available to produce a uniquely configured and fabricated product to meet specific needs. From grommets, webbing handles, hook and loop, industrial zippers to D-rings, Reef Industries has the ability and expertise to fabricate a final product that meets our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Custom Manufactured Products

Reef Industries’ products are constructed utilizing many different films, reinforcements and fabrics designed to offer specific performance characteristics and features. Our stock products represent only a portion of the unique or special constructions possible that might more completely fit your specific needs and requirements. When necessary, Reef Industries can custom or private label manufacture a product designed exactly for your purposes. Some minimum production requirements may apply.

Fabrication Accessories

In addition to the myriad of configurations we can produce, additional features can be incorporated into the final item. Need a doorway, reinforced hem, or a pipeloop pocket for a section of pipe, we can add those items to your cover. Extra tab seams with grommets may be required for your application and Reef Industries has the capabilities to produce it for you. All these fabrication accessories are within the capabilities of our experienced staff. The possibilities are endless.

Accessories we routinely fabricate to covers/sheets

  • Grommets: #3 and #5 brass coated grommets can be added as needed.
  • Webbing: If webbing handles are needed, specify either 2" black/white webbing.
  • Hook and Loop: While the standard width is 2" black or white hook and loop, custom widths such as 1" or 4" can be incorporated as needed.
  • Zippers: Industrial Zippers are used to close a container or to create an opening in a panel.
  • Rope/Elastic Cord: By adding rope/elastic cord to a perimeter of a cover, it can be cinched over the item you are covering. This accessory can be incorporated into a pocket or laced through grommets.
  • Bung Fitting: This 2" threaded fitting is sealed to a custom container and is useful when the container must be filled with water. This accessory comes with a cap. Other sizes may be available.
  • Stencils/Printing: Through the use of stencils or custom printing, Reef Industries has the capability of complementing your product with special labels or your company logo. With our flexographic printing capabilities, we have the means of printing 4-color match images to meet your needs.

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